More than just a CD Register

CDRx is a pharmacy solution designed to help with more labour intense and error prone tasks. It can be used by independent or group pharmacies. It's key features include:

  • Head office functionality for management of multiple locations
  • Stock reconciliation
  • Controlled drugs register
  • Responsible pharmacist log
  • Near miss log
  • Dispensing error log
  • Private prescriptions log
  • Emergency supplies log
  • SOP repository
  • Staff holiday calendar
  • Patient feedback module
  • Built in advertising platform
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The safest & fastest way to dispense

MethaMeasure is a Methadone dispensing system designed and tailored around the requirements for dispensing here in Canada. It's features include:

  • Integration with all major pharmacy systems
  • Patient identification via biometrics or facial recognition
  • Built in verification & checks
  • Accurate & quick dispensing of drug & dilutant (where required)
  • Compatible with all controlled drugs
  • Numerous reports including dispensing, missed dose and statistics
  • Labelling via direct thermal labels